Proud to be a Science City

Nottingham is justly proud of being designated a Science City by the government in 2005 – one of only six such cities in the UK. We’re delighted by the recognition it brings for our outstanding achievements and strengths in science. 

Being a Science City is all about growth – and that includes sharing experiences and knowledge at National Science City Summits. The common aim of all six cities is to put science and technology to work for greater local and regional benefits. 

Nottingham’s vision for the future is that by 2020 it will be recognised as an international location for scientific, research and teaching excellence. This will strongly support the economic prosperity of the Nottingham city region and make a major contribution to a flourishing East Midlands.

The aims of Nottingham Science City are to:

  • Nurture Nottingham’s role as an international leader in scientific discovery and teaching excellence
  • Stimulate community pride and interest in our scientific heritage
  • Convert science into thriving businesses in Nottingham

A city of huge scientific heritage, Nottingham has earned its Science City status against a backdrop of more than two centuries of impressive scientific developments and inventions. It was within this city, for example, that the safe painkiller ibuprofen and the life-saving MRI (magnetic resonance imaging) scanner were born. Today we have new boundaries being broken every day within our two leading universities. Tomorrow promises to harvest the fruits of yet more of the city’s skills, knowledge and creativity – and its people’s determination to make the world a better place

“The time is right for Nottingham to take forward its ambitions as an international location for science. The Science City project has brought together all of the key players in Nottingham, and we are working together to deliver that ambition for the city and the region.”
Professor Neil Gorman, Vice Chancellor of Nottingham Trent University and Chair of Nottingham Science City Board.

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