Nottingham Workforce

With a move away from the traditional industries, Nottingham has seen a dramatic rise in service-based jobs. This shift has meant that the workforce has had to be flexible and adapt to the new economy. Sectors such as Science and Technology now dominate the economy and it is easy to see why Nottingham is the regional centre for business.

The Science and Technology Sector is in the midst of a boom with Nottingham being named as one of six Science Cities in the UK. Nottingham Science City aims to create an extra 20,000 jobs by 2020 which will boost Nottingham's economy and enhance its reputation as a global research centre.

With two leading universities and highly regarded colleges, the skills of the workforce continue to grow and offer a flexible and skilled workforce now and in the future for business located here. In the last three years, 73.8% of adults not in full time education took part in some kind of adult learning.

Businesses located in Nottingham are not only able to draw from the local working-age population of over 400,000 people, with cities including Derby, Leicester and even Sheffield in easy reach the city has over 1.1 million people within a travel to work area.

The employment rate in the city is on a par with the other UK core cities, with 72% of the population of working age in employment. With the average salary for a Greater Nottingham resident is £27,300, Nottingham has a skilled and diverse workforce, suitable for any roles a business may require.

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